Our Mission

Yoga Classes that are

well rounded & inspiring taught by experienced, dedicated  and certified professionals who combine deep relaxation with cultivation of balance, strength and fluidity.

Healing Waters Yoga Center
Healing Waters Contemplative Practices, Wisdom Traditions & Stress Relief

Contemplative Practices, Wisdom Traditions & Stress Relief

Acknowledge the importance of Stress Relief and Relaxation in today’s fast paced and technologically wired world and to offer ways to connect to contemplative practices by offering courses on Meditation and Eastern Wisdom & Contemplative Teachings.

Connect our community to great books on these subjects by having a well rounded selection of Yoga, Meditation and Health related books available in our book store.

Accessibility & Community

We strive to offer an ”Introduction to Yoga” program that is not intimidating and that accommodates students of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. If you suffer from financial hardship please let us know, we offer scholarships for all programs at HW on a regular basis.

Sacred Space & Sustainability
Healing Waters Education & Personal Development

Sacred Space & Sustainability

Maintain and cultivate a serene and beautiful space to support and inspire us in our practice and to appreciate the beauty of nature. We believe that a soothing space is an active part of balancing and healing. Healing Waters is home to a group of beehives and a bird and butterfly sanctuary. To sustain commitment to green living through purchasing 60% of our electricity from green sources, use water based heating and keep our 10 acres as pollution free as possible by reduced mowing and ONLY using green certified printers for our advertising materials (soy based ink and recycled paper) and using environmentally friendly cleaners throughout the building.

Education & Personal Development

Healing Waters has trained close to 50 professional Yoga teachers through the HW 9 month Yoga Teacher held in 2008, 2011 & 2013.
We are not offering a Yoga Teacher Training at this time as we are developing some training to offer in the future.