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Our foundational courses in Yoga, Meditation, & Stress Reduction have been offered successfully at HW for many years. The following Courses offer a great way to start and to deepen the practices of Yoga and Meditation so that they can grow and become a resource of strength and balance in our fast paced and complex lives. We add new workshops to the schedule all the time! Please continue to check this page often for updates.

HW Courses are sequential and require pre-registration.

We offer 5 branches which include ongoing yoga classes not requiring registration (in color) and courses which require registration (in black).


Intro to Hatha Yoga
A great way to learn the foundation of classical Hatha Yoga postures, breathing techniques (Pranayama) and relaxation methods for complete beginners. Learn basic Yoga skills and upon completion you can attend all regular classes. 6 weeks Sept 18-Oct 23   6:30-7:45pm   $95
 Pa Tuan Chin Qi Gong/ Eight Silk Brocade Qi Gong

An extraordinary practice which encompasses spiritual, martial and medical aspects of qi gong. For all ages and levels, no experience necessary. Can be done standing or seated. Meditation will be woven in at the end with crystal bowls.

CLASS FULL  July 6-Aug 10 9:00-10:15am  $95
Open Yoga Classes ongoing

MaLa Contemplative Space @ Healing Waters Program

To learn more about MaLa Space go to!


Contemplative Dinner

Enjoy a magical evening at Healing Waters for a contemplative dinner
in collaboration with the Farm Shop / White Cow Dairy Kitchen Team.
Space limited to 18.
Tuesday, July 25  7:15-9:00pm
Cost: $50




Yin Stress Reduction
A transformative 6 week course in which you will explore different ways of coping with stress in a safe and spacious environment using a variety of techniques from contemplative traditions. You will learn specific practices from Yoga and Meditation to change your patterns of dealing with stress. Dates TBA




Intro to Mindfulness Meditation
We will cover the basics of this powerful practice, what obstacles we may face and how to work with them and how to build a home practice. Dates TBA
The Philosophy of Yoga (8 Limbs)
Yoga has a rich and beautiful philosophical context. Learn the basic principles of being a yogi on and off the mat. Dates TBA
Where Do You Orient From? How To Refine Your Purpose & How to Grow Your Potential
Explore what your innate tendencies are and how you can grow new capabilities. Articulate, name and refine your purpose in different areas of your life. A fun and rewarding exploration into the 4 quadrant model of Integral Theory.  Dates TBA
Meditation Circle ongoing Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm No Charge


Intro to Mindfulness Meditation
We will cover the basics of this powerful practice, what obstacles we may face and how to work with them and how to build a home practice. Dates TBA
Meditation Circle (No Meditation Circle from July 4 – Sept 5) ongoing Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm No Charge


Birth Preparation & Prenatal Yoga
A course designed to prepare expecting mothers for childbirth through practicing asanas, breathing, chanting, relaxation, visualization and emphasizing pelvic floor work. Classes will also address alleviating ailments with various yoga poses and techniques. A brief period of time will be set aside at the end of each class for students to ask questions and discuss various topics. 6 weeks  July 26- Aug 30  6:15-7:30pm  $95
 Kids Yoga in the Yurt!
Yoga is a fun way for children to channel their energy and learn to focus by breathing mindfully.Through the poses, they learn balance and body awareness. Kids will explore breath awareness with fun props and learn a series of  animal and nature poses. They will play yoga games, join in a reading circle and create a mindful nature mandala.  Kids will learn to find peace inside themselves amidst busyness of life. Ages 5-9 1 evening  July 24  3:30-5:00pm  $20
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